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Fast Forward is a leading endurance sports consultancy group with a speciality in providing specific camps to best prepare athletes for their key events. 

Endurance sports such as triathlon, multisport, marathon running and endurance bike racing entail all sorts of potential complications. Questions like
  • What training should I be doing, how hard and how often (these common questions come up whether you a first time or elite athlete)?
  • How should I pace myself?
  • Do I have a nutrition plan?
  • Does my bike fit me?
  • What gadgets like heart rate monitors and GPS watches can I use to improve my performance?
  • Where can I go to get technique help?
The team at Fast Forward have the knowledge and experience to ensure you are able to be the best you can be come race day. 

Our speciality 

In addition to our coaching packages our speciality is in holding awesome training camps. Our diverse team includes Axel who has vast experience in adventure tour guiding, John who has organised the arduous “Epic Camp” branded camps since 2005 and Craig who specialises in 8 - 10 week, event specific, boot camps - more focused towards novice athletes. If you are new to triathlon Craig’s tried and tested Tri Planet Boot Camps are the perfect option for your first event. 
The team at Fast Forward are here to help share their knowledge and ensure you are taking the right steps forward to succeed at your chosen event. All of the team are active athletes themselves so they routinely walk the walk as well as talking the talk. The coaches are all Triathlon New Zealand accredited and have all raced for their country at various triathlon distances from Olympic to Ironman. In addition to our coaching team we have relationships with other service providers to ensure that you are getting the best possible advice. 
Our coaching philosophy at Fast Forward is to ensure a long term healthy lifestyle – there are no short term fads or fixes here. Improved athletic performance, no mater what your level, is derived from consistency of training. Any training needs to be balanced with work, family and social demands to ensure your longevity in your chosen sport. 
The team is based in Christchurch, New Zealand but we coach many athletes around the world via the internet. 
If you want to improve your race day performance please get in touch with us to help you towards your next event.